The days in Panama City included also a lot of preparation for the next cool bit.. sailing the San Blas islands and all the way Colombia!  It was my second Christmas under the sun and I was super excited!


My trip started from Panama City with a drive to coast to Puerto Lindo port. This was the meeting point with the boat crew and first time to see the rest of group I was sailing with.

I made my booking with Blue Sailing  who organize the trips with different local captains. Even just few weeks before the start I found the suitable boat and all my questions were answered quickly by email.

The whole sailing trip would take around 5-7 days all the way to Cartagena because the arrival depends hugely on the weather conditions when crossing the Darian cap.

First during the trip we left the coast behind and moved on towards the San Blas islands. It was an incredible feeling to see the coast behind us during the sunset. Now we were really on the way.

In the beginning you’ll enjoy the paradise island around San Blas and you’ll have plenty of time to relax in the sun.

After this depending on the boat and the weather it takes around 30-48 hours on the open sea to cross to Colombia. There are many different options for arrival, we were sailing straight to Cartagena.

Eventually the weather got quite heave when we were supposed to leave Puerto Lindo so we had to delay the departure for some hours.



When I made my booking there were two different options to choose from, traditional sailing boat and a catamaran. I had never spent this much time on a boat so I figured that the catamaran was the way to go. It has more space on the outside and I thought it might be little more stable too.

So I ended up on Sangria!!

There were around 13 of us and the crew and Sangria housed us perfectly. My favorite place was obviously the net hammock in the front.

Our captain Jonathan and his crew were the coolest people I could ha hoped for!



We arrived in the middle of the night so I could only see the silhouttes under the moon light. I was almost too excited to sleep and the first morning was amazing! I climbed up to the deck and found myself in a paradise. Turqoise water and small islands around made everyone jump excitedly.

San Blas is a group of islands on the Atlantic coast of Panama which is made of 365 islands and cays. Many of these are completely inhabited and the rest have local Guna people settled. Can you imagine living here?!



I’ve always enjoyed myself in the nature so it was no suprise that I absolutely loved this trip!

Tons of sun, sea and friends around is something that I really enjoy. Our group had only young European travellers and we quickly formed a thight group and everyone got along really well. I think the group you end up traveling with makes it breaks it for this trip. I was really lucky.

One of the things lots of people worry before the trip is sea sickness and this was no joke. For the unlucky ones it started on the first night and never really stopped before Colombia. Even one person from the crew was sick. I took my sea sickness pills and luckily avoided this, only thing they did was make me feel super sleepy. So be prepared.

It was so interesting to spend so long at the sea and I even got to sail our boat alone!!

I could easily spend all my days on the boat like this and will definately sail again some day.


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