Anuradhapura – Sri Lanka

My second stop in Sri Lanka was the city of Anuradhapura located on in the nort-west of the island.  It is easy to arrive with a bus or a train. I went by train and it took around 5 hours but the view is really nice on the way. I was so excitIt ed for the first Sri Lankan train that time just fly by chatting with locals, napping and sitting at the train door for the views. All the trains have open doors but I think it’s not actually allowed to sit there. It’s definately worth a try tho.

Things to see in Anuradhapura

In Anuradhapura you can see some of the biggest temples in Sri Lanka and i heard it’s easy to organise a day tour around the city. I had a little unlucke time with the weather since it was raining the night I arrived. I was only staying for one night so in the morning I decided to kind of an alternative tour around the city. This meant skipping the expensive ticket and huge amount of people in the most touristic temples. Instead my driver brough me around some cool things to see for cheaper like Royal Garden, Isurumuniya temple, Mahamewna Gardens and Ruwanvelisaya. We also had a drive around the country side and near the lake. Definately worth it and i ended spending a lot less.

There is so much to see around the city with all the temples and gardens. You can also do a trip to Wilpattu National Park that is on the West coast near by. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to try it but I’ll tell you about another safari later.

Where to stay

The city is big which means there is a lot of choice for accomondation for all budgets. I think it’s useful to find a place which is near all the sights in town so you can use less time for transport. I stayed in a hotel called City Resort which is only about 1km away from the train station and short ride from the city center.

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