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Australia Roadtrip – Western Australia


Time to start the huge Australian roadtrip also here on Palm tree Babe now that I’ve had time to go through all the pics. I’ve decided to divide the story for each state since there are so many things. Now we start from Western Australia.

We started in the beginning of January and loaded the car for the trip in Perth and started the roadtrip further in to the South-West corner of beautiful Australia. I was feeling a little sad to see Perth disappearing behind us since it was my home for three months but the feeling of adventure was also big! Everyone was so excited to see what next couple of weeks would bring us.

We had decided to camp our way through the trip so my little tent was packed and ready for the test. And I will tell you more about this later since people who know me surely know I’m not the biggest fan of camping ๐Ÿ˜€

As you’ve prob heard Australia is huge but once you start driving you really get the sense how big it is and it takes hours between cities! We left in the afternoon so first stop was not too far from Busselton just 3-4 hours South from Perth. After this the roadtrip will take us to Hamelin Bay, Walpole, Albany, Esperance and all the way to the next state border. Below you can see a map of the route we chose.

Camping in Australia

There are as many different travel styles than there are travellers. We decided to camp all the way accross the country which meant we didn’t spend any money on accommondation. I was suprised how much I enjoyed sleeping in the nature! Lots of people these days seem to choose a rooftop tent or van to to sleep in which are little more comfy.

The one thing you will need for a roadtrip is an app called Wiki Camps. This shows you the different camp sites, public facilities and all you need on the road. So worth the few dollars it costs and it works offline too.ย  Some places we camped were little more remote than others. We didn’t have trouble finding one for every night. Some of the places are just space reserved for camping but few here and there have showers, toilets or water. So be prepared! When heading out always have enough water in the car.ย  Some places we met cool travellers on their own trips but generally this wasn’t a really social.ย It can also get super cold during the nights depending on the season so bring enough warm clothes.

Camping in Australia is by far the most fun way to get to see the country and be spontanious about the route.

Roadtrip destinations

We saw countless amount of cool places but I had to pick some highlights for you not to make the post endlessly long. Just ask me if you want to know more about these or anything between ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Busselton: Everyone was craving for an afternoon on the beach so we quickly checked out the free campsite and headed to the beach next to the jetty. Here you can find surely one of the longest jetty’s in Australia to enjoy the views. We didn’t buy a ticket since we’re short on time but definately next time. Busselton is cute little beach town.
  • Hamelinย  Bay: If youre doing a roadtrip in WA this has to be one of your stops, there are rays just by the beach! And we even saw couple of sharks in the shallow water. Amazing views around and beach is just stunning. Get’s quite crowded during holidays but still worth it.
  • We had a look of some cool forest tracks around Denmark and Albany and found some of the biggest trees ever!
  • Esperance: This gorgeous beach town and the surrounding was my absolute favourite stop in this part of the journey. Picture perfect white beaches more you can count, crystal clear water and KANGAROOS on the beach!! Near Esparance is also the famous PInk Lake that unfortunately wasn’t any pink when we hit the spot so check the season when making plans.
  • 90 Mile Straight is the longest straight road in Australia. It’s a part of the Eyre Highway crossing from WA to the other side of Australia.

I would advice to choose few biggest things not to miss and then just go by the feeling and make a plan for each day the night before. This way you are not too tied to plans in case something else comes up on the way but still have a clear idea where you’re headed.

ย ย ย 


Roadtrip in Western Australia

WA has a special place in my heart and we saw even with these many stops still so little of it. It has so much variety so choose from, desert, hills, beaches (pretties in the country), tropics in the North, vineyards, cliffs and perfect waves so you can spend ages just exploring this state.

All together this part of the trip was focused in beach life and settling to the camping.

The feeling of freedom is awesome when you have all your little life in the car and tent is your home while you still know there are weeks left to go where ever we wanted. This post also has some “behind the scenes” pictures from my phone together with the picture perfect once to give you a chance to really see how we lived.

More stories next time from South Australia!



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