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Australia roadtrip – Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road

After coming back from Uluru we cruise to cross the border to Victoria. This was to be last of the state for it’s capital Melbourne. But we still have few days to go before getting there. The Great Ocean Road hassome of the most popular nature views in Victoria. The location so close to Melbourne offers easy access.  And this beautiful coast road has the famous 12 Apostoles, beaches and forest hills.

I heard lots of people talking about the Great Ocean Road so it was great that we got to drive it too.  You can get to the Great Ocean Road from Adelaide (coming from the West) and go East until Torquay and finally Melbourne. It’s one of the most scenic drives I’ve done and I was really excited about… the koalas!!! You can see wild koalas in Kennett River so this was a must stop on the way.  We also stopped on the coast to see famous cliffs of 12 Apostoles. This was quite busy with tourist but the coast is beautiful so it’s worth to have a look.

The perfect coastline adventure

Great Ocean Road is easy trip to make if you’re staying in Melbourne. Even if you don’t want to rent your own car it should be doable by bus on different tours. Some of the most famous spots during the drive are Apollo Bay, Port Campbell and Halls Gap. Anywhere you choose to stop the breath taking views are quaranteed.  I’m sure there are more than enough things to see for one trip.

I would love to do this again from Melbourne towards West. Driving the other way gives you more coast side views and opportunity for more gorgeous photos.  Next time I would also stop to explore more of the wine region and find dellcious food in little local restaurant.






  • 12 Apostoles is hugely popular sight on the coast and it does look spectacular once you get there. I love being close to the ocean we enjoyed a really nice sunny day during our visit.
  • Koalas! I already mentioned Kennett River and the koalas. I was waiting to see them since arriving to Australia and it was great to see them in their natural home. The whole are is beautiful with the forest drive and coastal view spot.
  • The scenery alone is good reason to drive through the Great Ocean Road. You will find tens of stops to snaps perfect pictures on the coast line.


State of Victoria

The short few days we spend on the country side were great and the nature here is (as everywhere is beautiful). Once crossing Australia you definately notice the signature features of all the states. I found Victoria to be beautifully green and lively. The region is famous for tasty wines that I recommend to try.

For our last night before reaching Melbourne we found a really cute camping spot. This was much busier than any of those on the way so far. You can tell that we had reached the East that is more popular among the young travellers in Australia. The camping ground we found had a nice little swimming hole. I enjoyed last feel of the easy camping life and countryside before arriving to the big city and end of the roadtrip.

The capital city is Melbourne which is the second biggest city in Australia. This quarantees so many things on around the clock and hugely international feeling. I will do a later post about Melbourne because there are so many things I want to share with you.


    • palmtreebabe

      Australia is so amazing and there you can find so much variety with the nature and things to do! 🙂 Roadtrips are definately the way to go for me even if the distances feel quite long some times. Koalas are the best, I’m sure you will enjoy them with the kids greatly and specially in their own environment!

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