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Australia roadtrip – South Australia


After WA the roadtrip in Australia continues with pictures and feels from South Australia. This was a bit of mysterious part for us since all the other state’s you have heard a lot about and have an idea of their highlights. So this for me the somethig interesting and great next part for the adventure.

We crossed the border from WA to South Australia easily and there wasn’t even a check. Just remember to leave yur fruits kids!! We obviously had tons a bananas, appless and all the other good stuff from WA for the road. This meant munchin tons of healthy stuff before crossing because you’re not supposed to bring fruits and vegs between the states.

In Australia roadtrip is the way to go so you should be planning your own already!

South Australia highlights

Once we started getting further into SA we figured what to see and do and here are few of my favourite in order along the road:

  • Nullarbor Plain is a huge compltely flat part and natural park which is entirely ancient sea bed. Nothing special but the views amazing and you can really feel the size of the country here and historic vibes. No trees, no hills, lots of sun and road to go for
  • Great Australian Bight is the gulf on the South coast of Australia and along the coast you can sport whales!! The whale season goes from May-September soI was super sad we missed it.. Even off season expect to find amazing cliffs at the one end of Australia. Literally from this coast to South the next thing you’ll hit is Antarctic.
  • Adelaide is a place not to miss since it’s the capital city in SA. Our stop was super quick so didn’t get to see as much as I wanted. But surely next time will check it out better.
  • Once you start reaching the Eastern end of the coast line you should enjoy all the sea food and fresh produce from the region. As anywhere in Australia this is great. I’m still amazed how so many things can be found or harvested from so close and with such variety.
  • On the way up North from Port Augusta we found a mining town called Cocklebiddy and their specialty are houses in caves carved to the hill sides. You can see chimneys sticking out from the hills and visit few places underground. I found this town a little dosgy but we just a a quick stop.


On the road

South Australia greeted us with wind for the first week and this created few interesting situation with the tents 😀 We never realised it could get so cold during the summer season and few nights I slept with all my extra clothes on to survive. For camping this part of the road is a bit tricky since there is no cover and for the wind. We weren’t picky and literally few nights just popped up the tents out on the little rest stop next to the big road.

One thing that I can’t stop thinking about is the stars!! This was the bit where we were treated with the nature wonders and enjoyed few incredible starry nights.

Australia for me was hugely about the nature and it’s amazing stuff and I love spending nights outside with my camera so this is what I got.

Instead of going to straight to Adelaide we decided to do a round up to Northern Territory and Uluru so this next. Stay with me..

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