How to find cheap flights?

Cheap flights are the thing everyone wants! And now I will share my tips how to find them. Travel budget is your number one friend when planning new adventure. Biggest part of it will most like go to travel and accommondation so why not find the best possible deal. After scoring a cheap flights you can spend those extra dollars for activies or for the next trip.

Finding cheap flights

Plan your trip

Fist thing to do is to set the travels dates even roughly. Choose a weekend or confirm your weeks of summer holidays to know what dates you have. This makes it easier to find the right destination and get cheap flights.

Think what do you want from your trip. Are you going for skiing trip or beach life? This will narrow down the area depending on the season, wanted activities and the weather.

If you have already chosen a destination move directly to the next chapter. If you’re still trying to decide where to go it’s great too. You have much more changes to find a perfect flight if you’re open minded about the destination.  My favourite thing to do is go through my endless list of countries I want to go and see what is cheapest for the dates I have.

Long story short you have bigger chance of finding cheap flights by going somewhere else than most of the people and/or at the different time. Rome in January is so quiet or not pushing winter getaway to another time than christmas/new year. Many of the popular turist destinations have a low season so take and advantage of this.


Search and compare flights

It’s time to start looking! Now that you know where you want to go you should look through different sites to find best options. I use quite a lot of Skyscanner and Momondo but also check directly with the airlines since sometimes they are cheaper than any booking pages. Airlines also do deals on their own website and regularly you can find some campaigns going on with all big airlines.

Email offers and timing

Are you suprised if I tell you I have picked my favourite airlines newsletters and deals to be delivered directly to my email? This way you know as soon as there are discounts going on.

I would recommend to check all the possible pages. And you have flexibility with dates mix them up a little bit. Every now and then just few days earlier or later can drop the price. One advice is to avoid holiday peak season or bank holidays like Easter and so on since every tries to travel with little extra free time. This might not create and issue if you book well in advance but few times i’ve found it impossible to find cheap flights a week before.

Booking your trip very last minute can also be an advance. Airlines want flights so be as full as possible so making quick decision can land you a good deal.

Can you deal with a long layover?

Depending on the destination it’s useful to check flights with a stopover rather than taking a direct. They tend to be cheaper and if you have time for a long stop  it’s a possibility to explore yet another city on the way. When flying long haul this also gives you time to relax and get on your feet before continuing. I had a perfect stop in Doha when flying back from Melbourne after 15 hours.

When you have enought time make it cheap by choosing a city nearby your destination and make it a roadtrip or train adventure to see more!

Flight deals and groups to use

There are several social media groups collecting the best deals for you. My favourite ones are Fly4free and Secret Fly. It makes me crazy sometimes to see all the offers so tropical destinations on my FB. I want to buy all of them and never stop travelling 😀 These groups post the price errors airlines sometimes make but you have to move quickly.

I also love the seach that for example Momondo has to choose “Anywhere”. Set the dates and budget and be suprised!

If you travel frequently it’s a good idea to start collecting to join the airlines customer program and start collecting flight miles/points. These will one day add up and benefit your travels with an upgrade or to get a cheaper ticket. I’m a member of Finnair program but I fly so much with different airlines that this doesn’t really add up.

Cheap flights overall

Dates, variety of websites searched and travel time are the key things for cheap flights.

I’m looking through deals and searching constantly even just for fun. Way before I’ve even planned to visit some places so I get new ideas where to go.

If you find an error fair or a great deal book it fast! The flights change price constantly and these don’t wait for you. If you’re free to leave on a short notice check out the last minute discounts.

Check out my trip to Sri Lanka where one-way ticket from Rome cost me 270€ or Qatar that was a free layover on the home from Melbourne.

Where would I fly cheap right now?


If I had the time now I would take one of these…

From London, UK to Uganda £303

From Oslo, Norway to New Zealand 481€

From Helsinki, Finland to Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam 430€



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