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Day of the Dead in Merida – MEXICO

Celebrating Day of the Dead


Time to report from my travels again!

In the past few months I’ve seen and done so many things while travelling through Central America. The connections haven’t been really good for posting so the blog is still a lot behind but I have tons of stories to share.

Just before leaving to Cuba in late October I realised that I would be in Mexico in perfect time for the famous Mexican celebration – the Dia de Muertos and I can’t wait for you to see these pics!

Day of the Dead in Merida

One of the most interesting things about my time in Mexico was being around for the Dia de los Muertos – Day of the dead ,when local people celebrate and cherish their deceiced loved ones with altars, performances and prayers on the 1st and 2nd of November.

I decided to head to the yacatan town of Merida for the celebrations and I couldn’t be happier with this choice because I got to see so many local things during the week. The celebrations start earlier on the week and you notice the city getting ready.

The traditions and believes

In Mexico Dia de Muertos is celebrated to help passed away family members and other loved ones on their spiritual journey.

On the 31st of Octobers childrens altars to invite spirits of the children. The November 1st marks the altars for adults. During November 2nd it’s traditional that families go out to the graveyard to decorate and bring gifts. The three days are filled with flowers, sugar skulls and other decorations.

The locals also often build altars in their home for loved ones with different offerings. It’s believed that the colourful and scented flower will guide the souls back to the family’s house for the celebrations.

A common symbol for the Dia de los Muertos are skulls which are present in mask, decorations and offering.

My Day of the Dead experience in Merida

I followed some performances in the city which included traditional seremonies, dancing and theather. It was already possible to see local people dressed up and with the traditional catrina make up.

For me the highlight was November 2nd when locals gathered to the graveyard and walked all together back to the city center. Whole walk was lit by candles and filled with people, altars and traditional decoration.

Excited for the experience

I had seen pictures of the Day of the Dead before but now I was accidently in Mexico to see it for myself! I learned so much more about the culture and traditions! In Mexico the tradition and believes about death and after life are much different. Than the one’s I’ve grown up with which made me happy to learn more.

In this post I share many pictures from the night I went to the cemetary. I walked around and stopped to talk to few local people who were kind to snap a photo together.

For me this was something to experience during this trip!


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