Famous Sri Lanka train Kandy – Ella

When looking into organising your trip to Sri Lanka this is on of the activities that is hard to miss. Getting around Sri Lanka by train is super convenient and the scenery is absolutely amazing varying from fields, tea plantations to the highest of mountains. This is the train you will be want be on board.

Imagine spending your day exploring throught the country in old style train sitting by the door and feeling the wind while seeing the most gorgeous views around.

World’s most beutiful train ride

The train starts from the city of Kandy which is located in the middle of Sri Lanka. This makes a good point for travelling to any direction. You can book your ticket online up to 30 days in advance which is recommended as the ride is hugely popular or you can choose a travel agency to organise this for you.

You can find information about the timetables and prices on Sri Lankan government website.

I got my ticket directly from the ticket counter at the Kandy train station the same morning but be adviced to be here early for this. They only sell the tickets still left and arriving too late means it will be sold out. I was at the station around 7-7:30 and got the last seated ticket to 3rd class. When booking in advance you have more choice but I found that the 3rd class was actually the best thing to do. It is less crowded since most of the people will try to get on 2nd and you still have your own seat as anywhere else.

On the train

Once finding your spot prepare your camera for the ride since it only gets  better the further you fo. I love travelling by train since you see alot and not so tied to your seat. You will also meet locals on your ride.  You will get views on both sides but on some parts one side of the train is facing tha mountains so this limits the views little bit.

I sat most of the way on the open door so this was not the problem and it did make the ride much more fun. NOTICE: This is officially not allowed and sitting on the steps is very dangerous. Only at your own risk.

The are local salesmen to make sure you get fesh drinks and little bites on the way.

All together this is one of the most beautiful trips in my life so far. I would recommend everyone to do this when in Sri Lanka. If you want to avoid most tourist you can get off at the city of Haputale before Ella itself. This small city has the same amazing views but it’s not packed with tourists like Ella is.

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