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Time for something new on the blog!

As you know Instagram is filled with the pictures of the gorgeous people and places to give you inspiration. After a whole year of sharing moments I wanted to share my 9 most liked pictures on Instragram from last year and the stories behind the pictures. There was so many amazing travel moments and pictures last year that I would never be able to choose my favourite but here are yours!

#9 Surfing on my bday

15th of October we celebrated my birthday with a really cool group down in Margaret River, Western Australia. It was such a sunny day and also my first little roadtrip and camping since I had just arrived two weeks before. This was a must beach picture before the waves, by looking at it you’d never guess who cold the water was 😀

#8 Beach on Rottnest Island, Western Australia

One summer weekend I headed to Rottnest Island close to Perth with a friend for a little getaway from the city. On our last day we cycled to the other side and after an endless drive with a super shitty bike and some cries we landed on this beach!! It was so beautiful with white sand and crystal clear water that we hangout here for a good while and suddenly the cycling seemed worth it. You get so many beautiful pics for your Instagram here.

#7 Rice terrace in Ubud, Bali 

The first trip of the year was to Bali and one day we did a day trip to the awesome Tegalalang rice field. I’m sure you have seen plenty of lush green pictures on Instragram about the place. Someone handed me the cutest traditional rice hat for a the picture and of I went running in the field. So green and so relaxed thanks to low season.

#6 Perth and first kangaroo selfie

This was taken on my first full day in Australia and really close to our place in Perth there are semi wild kangaroos living on Heirisson Island! They look sweet but getting this close was also super scary and my flatmate had a good laugh because I jumped and ran away everytime the kangaroo moved. I was so excited to finally be in Australia and to start exploring.


#5 Swimsuits in Bali 

I’m sure some of you noticed that I went back to Bali for a third time last year in November.. can’t be bad year with three trips right?! This one was super unfortunate but I managed to snap some nice bikini shots at the hostel before heading home. Bali is a great place but this was too much for one year and now I’m on official 5 year break from this island, thank god 😀


#4  Perth barista

My local friend in Perth has his own coffee cart and one day it was time to get my coffee education and barista experience, i was so excited. This was a boiling hot day and we made ice coffee with a ninja speed in the charity event at the neighbour dog shelter. Sunny days, lots of cute dogs and learning new was the best combination. You could tell I’m happy in this picture.

#3 First Australian barbie  

Aussies are famous for their barbeques (barbies) and this was the first house bbq party that we organised after I arrived. Tons of new people and good vibes going!! I was really getting started with Australia and this was such a cool welcome. We had so many parties after this at the house.

#2 Beach babe on Rotto 

Another on from Rottnest made to the list and for a reason. It is one of the pretties places ever with all the amazing beaches. This is also taken on the second day when the weather started turning. The contrast was great with the clouds, thunder and the super beachy place. And that tan omg!!

#1 Sunrise hour in Finland

Suprisingly this went on top of the list but the colours are beautiful. This picture is taking from my parents house in the country side. I had to go outside in the freezing cold to catch the moment. This reminds me how beautiful the North can be even if the winter is long and dark.

I can’t wait to  see what there is to share for this year and see how the pictures are improving so will do another one of this at the end of the year.

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