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Time to check out Fuego!

I told you a story from Acatenango volcano in the last post. It was the Fuego volcano’s eruption that was the best reward in the trip and i’m still so excited that I could be there at that time to see it so close!

Fuego volcano


Fuego is located in Guatemala near the city of Antigua in Guatemala. It’s one of the most active volcanos in Central America. So studies say it’s active all the time in small levels but big eruptions are rare. This highlighted the timing during my trip in Guatemala as the eruption was a complete suprise.

In 2018 after a period of increased activity Fuego unexpectedly erupted hugely. This harmed thousand and thousand of locals around the volcano and was a devastating hit for the communities.

My Fuego eruption experience

Our camp on Acatenango was facing directly at Fuego as close as possible. This gave the group first class seats for the eruption during the night. It was incredible to witness this giant blowing up shiny red lava and hear the huge thunder like rumbling.

I’m still happy that I carried my camera with me to the camp as this was definately something worth catching. I mean just have a look at it!

Camping this close to Fuego was not really scary at the moment but you have a hue respect for the nature and it’s forces. Sometimes you feel like a such a small part of this huge planet and are greatful to see it’s work from so close. Eventually it was bed time and for the few hours it was possible to sleep in the cold I didn’t even wake up to the explosions 😀 I hear that many people in the camp did since they could barely sleep anyway.


Volcano trips in Guatemala

Guatemala is country filled with a gorgeous landscape and natural wonders. And the volcanos and it’s a highlight for many travellers in Central America. Guatemala has inscredible 37 volcanos to choose from. You could climb on Agua, Acatenango or Fuego around Antigua, th highest peak at Acatemulco or San Pedro near Lake Atitlan.

I went on Acatenango with Tropicana which I can’t recommend enough! They have the best spot for the camp, nice guides and little more comfort for the trip. Check out Tropicana

Which ever volcano you choose it won’t be an easy hike. Actually it will be one of th hardest ones for many people but incredible rewarding.  You can check out my experience from Acatenango here.




  • Forex Review

    Just why they are so threatening can be seen from some of the eyewitness videos on YouTube of the Guatemalan eruption. In one, people stand on a bridge filming the ominous mass of gas and volcanic debris as it expands from Fuego.

    • palmtreebabe

      Thanks for your comment!
      That’s so true and the power of nature is so strong that it’s hard to comprehend sometimes so I’m glad I’ve got a chance to witness this!

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