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Going for Australian Roadtrip


Last days of this year have been full of planning and working on new things to come, so excited for a new year!

Time for a ROADTRIP! Almost few weeks back I moved away from the house in the city and packed my bags to prepare for a roadtrip that will bring me all the way to Melbourne on the East coast! That means a roadtrip of over 3000 kilometers over maybe next few weeks! No set plans, car full of cool people and amazing places. You can Imagine I’m excited to get on the way.

Below is a map to give you an idea about the road.  I think we will make it even longer by going through all the way around the South-West corner.

Roadtrip plans in Australia

When planning your trip to Australia you hear that roadtrip is something definately to do and it’s super popular. There are endless amount of cool places to see and driving is great way to explore Australia and get more out of your experience. I’ve heard some people spending months at the time on the way. Many young people buy their own car for their time in Australia and it’s easy to find large variety available once you get here. Australia has amazing nature which makes it easy place to enjoy time outdoor with many different activites. This is something not to miss, I’ve spent great weekends camping in the bush while doing bush festival, rock climbing and barbeques.

In next few days I’m leaving with few friends from Perth and we will explore the South coast all the way to Melbourne. We haven’t set a very specific plan but I’m quite sure we’ll find our way through Margaret River, Albany, Denmark, Esperance just still in WA. After that eyes are set for Adelaide and Great Ocean Road. We’ll be camping on the way so it’ll be a nice little escape to the nature.

So pack your friends, camping gear and head out for a trip around Oz!

New adventures

There will be many exciting things to see on the way and I can’t wait to bring out my camera to save the experience. I’ll definately share it with you once we hit the road.

This means a new chapter in my Australian adventure and continuing my exploration on the East coast. It will be nice to see other parts of the country and be able to compare the differences between West and the East. I’ve enjoyed my past few months in Perth but now it’s time for new adventures! I think I will try to settle down in Melbourne for a while and to see how that works and go on from there. I still have around  9 months left on my visa so it’s plenty of time for many things.

You can catch up on my stories from Perth and Margaret River to get started with the region.

Pictures in the post are from one passed weekend of camping in WA for a climbing trip we did together with friends that I haven’t shared before.

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