Gulhi – Maldives

Time to share more about the beautiful Maldives!

After Maafushi I decided to stop on another local island for few days to see some more of the coutry. Next stop was island called Gulhi which was only a short 15-20mins ride away with public ferry. Gulhi is practically  on the way from Maafushi to Male.

Gulhi is very small, there a few hundred people that live here. I only saw few tourist during my stay here and some of them just arrived to enjoy the day on the beach. You can meet many locals while walking around the island.

The beach

The best thing to is definately to enjoy the beach. On my first morning there were only two people so it is very peacefull and you have a lot of space. Water was crystal clear here as well and the water is very swallow. If you swim further out you can go snorkling. I saw so many fishes here too.  There is a little water sports center right next to the beach for entertainment. You can use the chairs and shades for free so that was very nice.

It’s on of the nicest white beaches I’ve been to so far and I really enjoyed my days here reading a book and relaxing.

On the other side of the island is located the local beach which is also very nice.

For your stay

On Gulhi you can a selection of guest houses and hotels to choose from. Many of the hotels are located near the bikini beach. Everything on the island is easily within a walking distance. I stayed in a place called Silver Shade which is only 1 minute walk away from the beach. This was nice and quiet place with a restaurant area and tiny terrace.  You can also check Airbnb for some choises.

On the island you can find few little shops for food/snacks, cafes and pharmacy. There is no ATM on Gulhi.

The hotels usually organise many different day trips near by. I did a trip to a beautiful sand bank for half day. You can do a day trip to Gulhi from Maafushi or stay for a night just to enjoy relaxing and quiet for a while.

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