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Time for another really cool destination in Nicaragua – how to explore Ometepe island. I’ll tell you the best ways to explore the island. Life on the island witht two huge volcanos, how does that sound?!

After the crazy Sunday Funday in San Juan we needed to get to nature and Ometepe ticked all the boxes for us. It’s an island life that we love and Ometepe is filled with interesting things to to.


Getting to Ometepe


Easiest way to get to the island is crossing the city of Rivas. It’s the first city you’ll cross coming from the Costa Rican border so it’s very easy to get to. There are plenty of taxis to grab for the short drive to the port.


First thing in the port is to buy an access ticket at the gate which let’s you enter the port. After this there are little ticket offices on the side of the parking lot to buy your ferry ticket.

There is an official schedule for the ferries that you can check here. Just remember as anything in Latin America the time canbe flexible!


How to explore Ometepe

The short and easy answer is rent a scooter/ motorbike! Wheels get you around the island so much easier than walking and allow you to move at your own pace. Me and Maria rented scooters through our hostel which is the best way since the locals know the best places and always work together.  We hear there has been so more scetchy rental shops so you just want to be sure to avoid any scams.

it’s possible to also go around with a tuk-tuk but then you’ll have your driver hanging around the whole day.

And please don’t lock your scooter keys to your bokx like i did 😀



Hike a volcano (again!!)

There are two huge volcanos – Conception and Madera – on the island and they are very popular for day hikes. One of my friends went on and said that the views are amazing even before the peak. They are two of the biggest volcanos in Nicaraua so you’re in for a challenge.

Waterfall of San Ramon (Cascada de San Ramon)

It still gets more amazing on this island. there is HUGE  waterfall.

You can drive the first bit to closer to the waterfall but last 3-5 kilometers the road is very bad and not recommended for a scooter. You can try your luck, take a walk or have local guys to give you a lift. There will be people around in the spot where the good road ends.

Swim in natural pools at Ojo de Agua

When it gets too hot on the road head to Ojo de Agua for a cooling swim. The place reminds me of the Mexican cenotes as a more man made version. Super clear water and nice place to refresh between scooter adventures. It wasn’t packed during our visit but I can see it happening.

Watch sunset at Punta Jesus Maria

This is one of the best sunset spots on the island with little sand bar and view over the volcanos behind you. There are few little bars near by for sunset drinks and tables to chill at. The Punta Jesus Maria is very short drive away from town but the right place to turn is a little hidden so keep your eyes open.




It’s hard not to love the island I could have easily spend another week here. Ometepe is prefect for nature lovers and for those who love little peace and quiet.

One day I’ll be back here.

+ Where to stay

Life is good hostel was great for us. The sweetest couple is running the place and the food is just amazing!

They have buildt their own start watching tower in the house which is crazy good at night. Very affordable and clean plus we got all the help we needed renting scooter and everything else.



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