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Introducing Maafushi – Maldives

Time to tell you more about my trip to Maldives. I spent there 9 days on three different local islands but let’s start with main destination – the local island of Maafushi in the Kaaful Atoll. This piece of paradise island  is located about 27km south from Male so it’s very easy to reach with a speed boat or the public ferry . Speed boat ticket is $25 and only takes around 30-40 mins when the public ferry journey is two hours costing only $2.

Discovering the island is easy as it’s only 1,2 km long and you can almost see from one side to another side ways.

Maafushi is a home to 2700 people who are mostly local

maldivians as well as few foreigners. Such an amazing place to live right!

Maafushi beaches

Bikini beach

Just get to the part you all want to know about, right? The beaches! Being a local island Maafushi offers tourist a separate bikini beach that is located on the South end of the island. It’s magical arriving here the first time to the palm trees, white sand and the clearest water. This beach is hidden from the view with bushed so tourist can freely wear bikini here.

On the corner of the beach you can find a little shop for refreshments like coconuts and fruits to enjoy. The palm trees on the beach offer a nice shade during the hottest hours of the day but I can imagine it getting little crowded in the high season. During my visit in August there was plenty of space.

One of the best things is you can go snorkling straight from the beach to the home reef. You will see quite a few fishes here so get out exploring!

Public beach

On the other side of the island you can find the public beach where the locals enjoy their days. Should be noted that here you should cover up atleast with shorts and a shirt so no bikini to respect the locals.

The water here if possible is even more clear than on the bikini beach and the beach is in more natural state.  You can go snorkling from the public beach as well and I heard it’s ever better here than on the other side. Just remember to ask the locals which area is good to go from since there are more currents on this side. Just to be safe. My guest house owner said he is even catching octopus from here!

The public beach doesn’t offer any facilities really but the local supermarket it not far if you need anything. I really recommend checking out this side as well.


To make the most ouf your holiday you can choose from many activities like snorkling, diving, water sports or resort excursions.

I went on a half-day snorkling trip with local place called Shadow Palm and will tell you all about this in a separate post. You can shoose from plenty of tour providers and hotels for your activities and it’s worth to look around what feels best.  The water sports center is very close the the port and bikini beach so it is easy to find.

Originally I was planning to do a reso

rt excursion whit gives you the change to visit one of the resort islands for a day. This normally includes the boat ride, entrance, food and drinks. They are pricey for sure and I would say anything from $70 and up. I ha such a good time on Maafushi and the beach and activitie that filled my days that eventually I decided not to go for this. I’m sure it’s fun specially if you’re travelling together with someone but I’m way too active to lay on the beach by myself all day. No matter how fancy it is!

My visit was during quite low season so there was not a lot of night life going on but it could be different during the high season.

Local life on Maafushi

It was a great experience to spend my days on the local island so really learn about the culture and way people live. It seems that these days the island is already quite used to the tourist and I only got few curios looks. The locals here are so friendly and just by walking the main street so many people wish me good morning or say hi so don’t hesitate to have a talk with them.

On the island you can find a school, police station, medical center and a prison (only one in the country!) and you can see the locals in their daily activities. There is also a brand new sports field to enjoy which was just ready a bit before my visit. The main street was suprisingly quiet buring my stay and you should check the bakery here. The best banana bread and samosas.

I would suggest to wear modest clothes out on the streets to blend in to the local life easier.

What to eat?

Maafushi has a numbers of restaurants to choose from varying from BBQ buffets to local restaurants. I had a change to eat most of my meals with a local family in their house so I actually didn’t try too many but lot of places looked really good.

Almost at the end of the main street you can find Rocket cafe to go super local. This very the local people come to eat and hang out. They also do take away if you want to grab something to bring to the beach. The little bites like samosas only cost 3 ruffiyas each so you should definately try!

There is also a restaurant on the bar boat if you want to go for different experience and it has amazing views for the sunset. This is also the only place where alcohol is served.


Good to know

  • There is an ATM on the island now but you should prepare with enough cash. It didn’t work with neither of my cards so good to make sure you have enough before.


I really loved Maafushi as it still has a local feeling about it. Even if you can already see the changes as more tourist are coming and new things are build. It will definately not be the same after few years. If you have a questions or need some more specific info just let me know.



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