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Caye Caulker island in Belize


Time to move further South on the trip and after Mexico and Cuba my next destination was Belize. More precisly Caye Caulker island on the Caribbean coast. I had seen so many pretty pictures from Belize and heard that the coast is amazing so I was excited for the next destination.

As in any colourful Caribbean islands the vibe here is so chilled. The locals will great you with their favourite “Go slow” shouts when walking on the main street.

Getting to Caye Caulker

Depending on which direction you’re coming from there are few different options:

-Coming from Mexico by ferry:

  • The ferry leaves from the border town of Chetumal and the harbour is withing a short walk or taxi ride away from the city center. Here you can purchase tickets (around $60 on San Pedro Water Taxi).
  • Check in and wait for your departure. The ferry will first stop in the San Pedro island for immigration and then continue on to Caye Caulker.

Coming from Belize City:

  • You can buy tickets and board a local ferry from the harbour in the city center. This option is cheaper than the above and there are no need anymore for the immigration checks.



Best things to do in Caye Caulker

Go snorkeling or diving

Best part of the island is definately the sea life, no doubt! On the main street you can find multiple tour company’s offering variety of different activities like snorkeling, fishing and diving trips.

I did a full day snorkeling tour with the owners of my hostel in Go Slow. I found this option very nice since they were friendly and also had a huge heart for protecting the nature and wild life. Our captain said that some people don’t care and for example go too close to the animals so I really appriciated his way of doing tours.

One of the highlights for the day was a stop in Hol Chan Marine Reserve where we got to swim with sharks!! This was so scary in the beginning but I manage to be brave. We also saw huge rays and tons of different tropical fish. The guide brought us through the channel which was really interesting location.

Sunsets at the Split!

The Split is the most popular spot to gather up for the amazing Caribbean sunsets on the island. Caye Caulker island was hit hugely by the Hurricane Hattie in 1961 which literally split the island in two parts and gave a name to this spot.

You can swim and enjoy cocktails here with other cool travellers. No need to make a separate date since everyone meets here anyway 😀

Eat fresh sea food and other good stuff

As you might imagine the sea food on the island is delicious! And I’m serious, after sunset many restaurants turn into huge bbq houses to grill their catch of the day. Good food always makes me happy but another thing here is that it’s very cheap too. When was the last time you got your hands on a $12 lobster?!

Another super popular dish on Caye Caulker is jerk chicken. This has been adopted from the other parts of Caribbean but Belize made it their pride. Recommended to try actual restaurants on the main street but also little local tents in the water front. We found an awesome family grill and their own home made bbq sauce. I’ll tell you a secret that we came back 3 times for more 😀



Chill on the beach at Coco King

From the middle of the island you can hop on to a ferry that takes you accross the split to Coco King. It’s man made beach but it’s still a decent beach on the island! or a beach club to be more precise.

We didn’t have any plans so I arrived well early with a friend and there was barely anyone. Buckets of beer on offer and super tasty food keeps you going during the day 😀 They have tubes and toys in the water and later on a DJ. We ended up accidentally chilling here the whole day until the sunset when everyone else arrived!



Good to know when going to Caye Caulker

It’s hard to keep this cool island a secret so it’s already quite touristic.. If you’re visit is during high season it might be good to book accommondation in advance. I stayed in Go Slow hostel which was cool. Quite basic but filled with cool people and parties!

Belize dollar is also tied to the US dollar and 1 US is 2 Belize dollars. Once you arrive you’ll be suprised that the island is actually not that cheap.

My trip was in November and there were few days the weather was ridicilously hot. One afternoon I had no choice but to hide in bed since the sun and heath was way too much.. even for sun lover like me. So stay protected from the sun and hydrated (and now I’m not talking about their awesome coconut rum!).


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