My travel disasters!


You learn so many things, yourself, other people and the world around you when travelling. In the pictures and social all travel might seem like a picture perfect thing. But normally there are two sides to every story, right? I think it’s funny to share some travel disasters/fails/accidents from my trips so you know what can go wrong. I’ve had unbelievable amount of luck with me when exploring the world but you can’t always be prepared for anything.  I made you a list of some unfortunate and some just funny looking back.

Stuck in London riots

Remember when the huge riots happened in London?  I was flying back after 5 weeks of summer holiday in England. One crazy night we were partying with a friend. We saw huge groups of people breaking everything on

their way on the street and had to hide in a little basement doorstep after turning at the wrong corner at the wrong time. I was holding my breath and heard the lads talking “I’m sure I saw someone here, where did they go”.

Few minutes later we ran to the tube station but the security guy shut the door in our faces. The station closed the same second we arrived. Speed walking we hurried to get to a more quiet area and try to catch a bus.

You can imagine what kind of chaos all the public transport was so I ended missing my flight back home and took a little 14 nap at the Heathrow airport before the new flight in the morning..

Missing Airbnb in Florence

Me and my best friend did an interrail last summer and took our first train Rome to Florence . We had booked a really cute room from Airbnb with a nice local couple which was all confirmed and they gave us an address. Once at Florence we looked it up on a map and thought that it seems strangely far but head out to find it.

After taking a tram, a bus and long walk later about 5 kilometers outside of town we found a right street. There was no house with the number we needed. We walked up and down and looked through all the doorbells with a hope of finding the right place.  We stood there for ages and it was late at night and with no success we really started to freak out. Having called and sending messages to the couple but got no answer.

So many sweet local people tried to help us but after hours we thought something is wrong. Had we been scammed or something..? With no clue what to do and with no place to go we just ended up sitting on the pavement with our backpacks.

Eventually the girl called us back and it turned out she had given us completely the wrong address an they wanted to come and rescue us by car. Such a big relief! For a moment we thought there couldn’t be a worse start for the interrail.

Right time at the wrong station

The next story happens in 2016 when I lived in Paris for few months at my sweet friends place. In May I was moving to Barcelona for a month and got a train ticket for next week. I was so excited that I was sure the train would leave from Gare Montparnasse which is easy to get to.

Travel day arrived was so excited I went to the station super early. Printing my reserved ticket out from the machine and had a look it.. Wrong station, FCKKK!! I had to rush so badly to get to Gare de Lyon that I ran to the taxi and we started speeding away. Of course I had no cash so already sho

rt on time we had to stop at the ATM on the.

Luckily my taxi driver was the best and speeded through the city. I ran as fast as I could through the right station and really hoped I would make. Finally after long hallways I saw the train and sped up a little more. I manged to reach it and just as I jumped in the doors closed for departure.

Sweaty and suffering a hat felt liked a heart attack I found my seat and realised who close call it was to miss Barcelona.

Creepy follower in Lithuania

Same interrail last summer we already close to home in Vilnius, Lithuania and gone out for a night to see whats going on. We went to a party ,relaxed and we only had two drinks before we d

ecided to head back to the hostel for sleep.

We walked to the party with a local but now realised that it was a long walk back. The city quiet and we made the way back in good spirits and without trouble until like the last block away..

Few hundred meters away from our door when there was an old drunked guy that came from the other direction. We though to just pass himquickly and quietly but he wasn’t having it and tried to grab my ass on the way. Shouting and super shocked we started walking as fast we could but he turned and started following us.

We ran to our door, managed to sneak and slammed a door at his face because he was so close behind us. This makes me still super pissed of! I hope my reflexes one day automatically give a person like this a smack when they start reaching to a wrong place.

Stabbed in a foot by a stick in the Australian Outback

With a group of friends we organised a rock climbing and camping trip for a weekend in remote part of Western Australia. This was around 4 hours drive Nort-East from Perth for a huge rock in the middle of nowhere.

In morning we started playing petanque for fun and invented an off-road version of this in the bush, sounds clever right 😀 The rest of the group eventually came and joined us. Everyone was enjoying themselfes and I was even winning when this happened.

I took a step closer to the ball to see who’s closest and as soon as I landed my foot on the ground I knew something was wrong.  I had stepped on something.. Automatic reaction is obviously lift your foot and when doing it I felt something coming out. It was a huge sharp brach that had pierced my plastic flip flop and gone straight into my foot

As soon as it was out the blood started spilling and everyone panicked.. My friends helped me to hop back to the camp and to chair so we could do some damage management. Or well they could because I was too much in pain to understand anything. I might have downed lots of wine for the first aid while we tried to clean the cut. Obiviously none of us had a real emergency kit so some plasters and tape would have to do. The closest doctor or hospital was good drive away so we just figured to hang on until the next day when we would leave anyway.

The pain kept me awake the whole night. Laying in our little tent feeling feverish I was sure it was getting really bad. Next morning my foot was hugely swolleng and couldnt be put on the ground.  We started h

urrying for the doctor. The local bush hospital was the sweetest and patched me up with antibiotics.

Too much to handle in Bali

After the previous story in Australia I was flying to Bali just 4 later. I had crutches from the accident but I decided it would not make me cancel my trip so I started hopping.. Through two airports with a foot that can’t be rested on the floor and would a nightmare in the tropics.

By the time to I arrived to Bali and my local friend picked my up I was exhausted b

ut so happy to be there again. Time to start relaxing. And first few days went fine until it started happening.. First some super annoying and complicated person tried to ruin my holiday with nonsense drama. Next my credit card went lost and last morning my phone got stolen.. All this while hopping on the sticks.

Just the struggle to get report from the police station for my insurance. I knew I would miss my flight back to Perth and wasted lots of dollars to change the ticket. The only thing I wanted was to get out of here and go home but had to stay for extra two days.. I took a replacing flight for super early morning on Friday and obviously after some crazy events missed that one too! A friend bought me a ticket for the afternoon on Friday so I was finally heading home.

During the trip I alo met some sweet people, had tons of fun and the week was absolutely crazy. Unfortunately it was just way too much for one week that was supposed to be relaxing and recovering. Now there is a saying that when things go wrong they go to Bali 😀

Happy adventures!

Travelling is one of the best things in my life. It’s worth all the trouble and panick no doubt about it! I love looking back at my adventures and remembering some exact momenta. Usually when things don’t go as planned you end up with the best stories. So times you can’t choose what happens but you have a choice how to react and go forward. And you learn to laugh at yourself for sure!

I’d love to hear something funny/disasterous that happened to you on the way so leave me a comment!

(Pictures are some happy memories from my travels to remind you why it’s worth going through all the trouble sometimes)


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