Negombo – Sri Lanka

My first destination in Sri Lanka selected to be the city of Negombo since it’s very close to airport. I only had one night to stay before flying to Maldives so it was perfect.

Getting there

Negombo is a short drive from the airport so you can easily reach it by tuktuk, taxi or a bus. As everywhere the taxis from the airport tend to be expensive but if you walk  to your right past the departures you can find a tuktuk stand. When coming back the second time if used the app called Pick me. This is like Uber for Sri Lanka and the rides are very cheap. I tried this on my second arrival and only paid 450 rupees.

The local bussed run from the airport to the city regularly but unfortunately I didn’t try this so can’t tell you more.As you can imagine in many Asian countries the the traffic is a chaos here also. Still makes my heart skip beats even after one week.


Things to do in Negombo

Negombo is located close to the beach so you can enjoy this easily.The waves were really big on that day and there was some rubbish on the beach which makes it a little less enjoyable but the view is nice.

I ended up doing a city tour with a tuk tuk together with a girl from my hostel and we had so much fun. The driver was really cool guy who showed us all around the city and told many stories about local life.  We stopped to see the Dutch canal and  the dutch houses that still remain, fish market, buddhist temple and the beach side for some food. So there are few little sights to see in the city but mainly this is used as a place for easy arrival or departure.

The god thing is you can see all of these for free! Getting a local tuk tuk driver for the tour is definately good idea so you can get good tips for your travel and know more about local life in Negombo and Sri Lanka.

It was very nice first touch to Sri Lanka to learn more about the country and the culture. From Negombo you can easily continue your way around the island by bus or train. I left to Anuradhapura the next day but that is a next story.

If you need any more tips for Negombo or some local people to get in touch with just let me know.


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