Rottnest Island – Western Australia


Few days I ago I finally got around to Rottnest Island (or locally Rotto) which is the home of the famous quokkas and little piece of paradise just off shore from Perth and Fremantle. I was so excited for two days of exploring the island and enjoying the beaches in the best company! We rented out bikes to get around easier and see more of the island.  Rottnest Islands has a long and colourful history as part of the Western Australian region and it has been open to visitors for decades.

Getting there and around

To get to Rottnest Island you can hop on the ferry either from the Barrack Street jetty in the city or Fremantly in B Shed. The tickets cn be pricey since they are around AUD$60-70/person for a return. Psst.. Tuesdays are usually half price so you can get in cheaper. We chose Rottnest Express but there should be few other options too.

From Fremantle the ferry only takes around 30 minutes but we enjoyed cruising along the river all the way from the city which I really enjoyed!

Once you arrive to Rottnest you can grab a bike. This can be prebooked with the ferry company but I would rent one from the island since they have better bikes out there! On the island you can find supermarket, some restaurants and other shops so you can be sure to get everything you need to enjoy your trip.

Beach life on Rottnest Island

Rottnest is famous for diving and snorkeling and you are sure to find some amazing spots here around the island so make sure to try! The island has 63 amazin beaches and over 20 bays to enjoy the beach life. With the bike you can easily get around and there is also a bus if necessary. We found few of the prettiest beaches during our trip and they were almost empty.

Be sure to bring your own water because there is none out there after leaving the city!

The quokkas

Apart from the beautiful coastline the cutest thing on the island are definately the quokkas! This little thing only lives on Rottnest Island in the whole world. The quokkas look like mini kangaroos and are very frendly for the famous selfies!

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