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Tropical rain shower just suprised the Maldivian island of Gulhi where I’m staying so it’s a good time for a new post. I think this is the topic that raises always many questions and opinions for everybody. Travelling solo. Do you rather travel with friends or on your own? Well of course it is possible to do both depending on the trip.  Solo travel is something to consider.

I have done most of my trips alone as well as moving to new countries. For some travels I’ve gone with family or friends which is an amazing way to spend quality time together. It starts to be a little tradition now to do a summer trip together with my mom.

Together or solo?

I’m sure everyone of us is different so there is no right answer for this question but I do recommend everyone to atleast once give it a go alone. This gives you a knew way to learn about yourself, become more independent and much more freedom. I’ve heard so many times people saying that they would love to spend their holiday abroad but noone is able to go with them. Makes me say every time just go for it and don’t sit around and wait someone to come and hold your hand.

After so many experiences I feel very satisfied that I was brave enough to take the step and start my own adventure. Ok, I do get it – some people are more comfortable around their friends and shy to go alone but sometimes you can jut so clearly see their curiosity and passion for exploring. This is what I try to encourage everyone to go after.

I so well remember the day when I arrived to Barcelona by train for the summer with my luggage without knowing anyone or never visiting the city before. In first three days I made so many friends that made me feel like that  I’d always lived there. Or booking holidays in Rio de Janeiro where friends warned me not to go alone. Turns out just walking in to hostel put me in a group which I spend days together with. So you hardly end up alone anywhere unless you want to.

The good and the bad

I made a list of some pros and cons about both ways that you can think about when planning your travel.


  • Always company, someone to chat and explore with (I have to admit sometimes two heads just work better than one)
  • It does feel more safe for some people to have a friend around
  • No dinners alone
  • Sharing the living cost. Sometimes it is handy to travel with friend since you can share the price for hotels to cut down the expenses.



  • The complete freedom – Go where every you want, what ever time – no need to explain or compromise
  • You are more social.  I’ve noticed that it suits me so much better and it’s easier to meet new people when travelling alone since your not always together with your bestie.
  • Time for yourself. It’s easy to just stop, relax and be quiet  which is the best sometimes.
  • Self-growth and feeling of success. You get this with both but it is different when your on your own. Some moments just make me stop and think “wow I did this/got here by myself”.


When going solo I’ve hardly ever ended spending all my days alone since I’ve on every trip met so many people and made new friends. So you shouldn’t be scared about this. Haha, i still remember my first dinner alone and it felt so akward! But really you get pass this. Now it just makes me happy that I’m able to choose where to eat without huge negotiation.

How to meet people when travelling solo?

You will meet so many people on your way in any case but I noted down few things from my travels:

  • Stay in a hostel:  This works for sure since there are many other travellers around all the time.
  • Take part in guided tour/some activity: You get two things at once, sightseeing/activity of choise and you don’t need to do it alone.
  • Be social: Start conversation with interesting people instead of waiting for them to come to you. Just a little hello or question already does the job andthe conversation goes from their. I’m sure some of you might feel shy about this but you will be suprised you fast you get comfortable. I’ve always been quite a social butterfly and the talking never stops so it comes naturally but you can practice this.


About solo travel safety

Beign cautious is good, sometimes extra cautios is good as well. When travelling alone safety is the thing I know worries quite a few of you. I was little scared in the beginning as well. After few trips I realized that when going solo you are the only person really responsible for yourself. Most of the time there are other people to help if needed but you will need to take responsiblity for yourself and your things.

For example it’s way easier when travelling with a friend to take naps in turns while the other one is keeping an eye for the belongings. Not so possible when you’re alone. Some kind people might help and watch your things but at the end it’s all up to you. And trust me things can get in to wrong hands very quickly and without even noticing.

Turning around the world has thought me that most of the people everywhere are just normal, nice and qenuine people that life their lifes who wish you good. On the other hand there are some lets say bad apples among the good ones. Some places maybe more than in others. Generally you should not be afraid of people but my advice is to always keep your eyes open and trust your instincts. If someone comes accross as suspicious walk away.

You will sharpen your skills to read people and the situations the more you travel which helps you on the way.

Specially as a girl travelling solo it’s always good to be extra awake. I would not recommended getting completely wasted in a place that you don’t know or in some places walking the alleys in the dark hours but this is also just common sense. If you’re feeling insecure in some situation start conversation with friendly people and stick with them for the way the back or rest of the journey.

We are just as brave and curios to see the world than boys but there are few more things you need to think about.

Happy solo travel girl

All together travelling alone has thought me so many things about myself, other people and the world around me that are worth more than gold. I have made so many friends around the world I would have never otherwise met. I’m more independent and trust my intution than ever before leaving for the first time. And the hunger and passion to travel more just keeps on growing.

I just want to say to everyone reading this – give it try and if it doesn’t feel good atleast you tried. Even though I promise ou will be surpised.

You can read the my Travel guide to Maldives from my last solo trip. I also have more post coming from Maldives soon.


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