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Travel ideas for Melbourne – Australia


After sharing the tips and pictures from the Australian roadtrip it’s to tell you about the destination – Melbourne.

Melbourne is a city that I’m sure you have all heard of even if you haven’t visited yet so here are my tips to get more familiar with it!

Melbourne is Australia’s second biggest city and it’s on the South-East corner of the country in the state of Victoria. It’s just under 900 km awa from Sydney. The athmosphere in the is really international and some people tittle it the most European city in Australia. There are almost 4 million people in this bustling metropole so you can expect to find lots of different cultures, cuisines and things going on.

What to do in Melbourne

The city itsels is huge so you can make your trip little easier by having a loose plan that of all the interesting things to see. Here are few of my favourites:

  • Royal Botanic Garden: This is a huge green garden on the south side of the city with thousands of trees and plants to explore. Park has nice views over the city and it was quite busy with people relaxing and having a picnic on a sunny day. Just next to the garden you can find the Shrine of Rememberance memorial which honours the WW victims. This has lots of information and beautiful views over the city from the terrace upstairs.
  • Fitzroy: My favourite area (and everyone elses too!) close to the CBD. Fitzroy has the cutest little streets, bars, shops and restaurants which you can spend a whole day and all your money in. Recommended for happy hour and second hand/vintage shopping.
  • Parks: Melbourne is filled with parks so grab your friend and snacks to go and relax. Many are located close to the CBD so it’s easy to find one, you can try Flagstaff Gardens or Carlton Gardens which I went to.
  • Victoria Market: Everyone’s favourite outdoors street market in the city center that is filled with locals and tourist. On normal day you can shop fresh produce and enjoy the vibes and some days delicous street food from all over the world at the night market. Beautiful at sunset hour with the skyline of the city nearby. Prepare to queue but I tell you it’s worth it!
  • St Kilda: Time for the beach! Just a short tram ride South from the city you can hang out in the super trendy and chilled St Kilda. This is the spot to be on the week nights when tons of young travellers gather for a beach party. I didn’t try swimming but apparently it’s doable 😀 Huge amount of restaurants and shops to spend time in.

Even more..

  • Rooftop bars: Melbourneans love their rooftop bars and they are buzzling all evenings. So many options but so little time! For more fance place pick Rooftop at QT which is stunning and for more chilled times go for Rooftop Bar (it has rooftop cinema!!) or Loop.
  • Graffiti lanes: Right in the center hidden in the smalled alleyways you can find streets filled with graffiti, stickers and posters which create real cool edgy vibes and these but be some of the most Instragrammed in the city. It’s a super touristic tip but worth to have a look while you adventure around.




Melbourne love

This city sky rocketed to my “favourite cities in the world list” so quickly!! It makes me think I need to share my all time favourites some time too.  No matter what you’re looking for from your holiday or trip here you will sure find and even more. Melbourne is famous for it’s coffee and you can find lots of exciting local brands and cafes all around. This made me happy after the endless quick coffee in Australia 😀

My trip happened to be in the middle of Australian Open which brought extra life to the city. It was great to see the excitement and pride for the competition and organising the event. There was some public screens in the city center to see the games for free so I had to follow some even if I’m not big on tennis normally.

If you’re a fan of Asian food like me this city is a real piece of heaven filled with Asian restaurants. I could move here just for food!

The parks in Melbourne are just awesome green get-awat in the middle of the city. You can easily find space to breath away from the hectic life withing just a walking distance. MY favourite was the Royal Botanical Garden!



Getting around Melbourne

As said Melbourne is a huge and as in any you can end up losing alot of time for the transport. I preferred walking so I could see more on the way and accidetally find some cool places. The transport system is easy to use and you can get anywhere with no struggle. Only way to get on the trains and other transport is to get a Myki card. This is the official travel card in the city that you can buy from the stations or corner shops.

No doubt it’s handy but it was little bit annoying to buy the card for just one train trip when costs $6 instead of just bying a single ticket.. but maybe you’ll plan better than I did. During my trips I always love just walking around to get a better feeling of the city. Melbourne just makes it magical. Parks in very neighbourhood, street art behing the corner and tiny alleys you almost walk by without noticing and little doors up to the rooftops.

You can enjoy the city also by bike which gets you around faster. I saw many people cycling but didnt’ try it this time.


Where to stay

This just depends on your budget since only sky is the limit here with the accomndation! But I would think about the location (are you close to the CBD, transport and other things you need) and what kind of vibes you want around. Docklands and that part of the center looks super modern but you could also opt for China Town. St Kilda is relaxed and more beachy and Fitzroy is full of life.

It is possible to do Melbourne with a budget but it’s not particularly cheap (and when is it in Australia?!). There are tons of hostels and if you’re staying longer you can get cheaper price by getting a week deal instead of paying for single nights. During my stay I tried the Europa Hostel

in the CBD that was quite nice and basic hostel full of young people and things going on.

Next time I would take few nights also in St Kilda for different vibes and beach life together with some time in the city center.

For more comfy stay you could also have a look on Airbnb for more space and home-like environment.


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